Director: Bradley Dunn
Runtime: 7:27 | USA

A young man who is battling with his emotions and the recent murder of his father, is forced to return to the scene of the crime. And he never imagined what he would find.
Throw Like A Girl
Director: Seri DeYoung
Runtime: 14:55 | USA

Despite the odds, Tanya Benter dreams of playing Major League Baseball. Her brother Brian has helped her become one of her high school's best players. Now she faces the inevitable.
Director: Foster Wilson
Runtime: 4:31 | USA

The morning after a no-strings one-night stand, Gina learns via e-news articles and her early-morning Facebook feed that the woman lying beside her might literally be the enemy. Can Wendy persuade her to ditch her moral code and stay for breakfast, or will Gina's principles prevail?
Director: Nicole Jones-Dion
Runtime: 9:28 | USA

A young woman in a psych ward wakes up to find a mysterious stranger in her room.
Trip's Duplage
Director: Spencer Squire
Runtime: 14:57 | USA

After years spent relegated to the shadows, Trip Parker decides to take action and murder his lover, aging actress Diana Duplage. Post kill, Trip steps into the sun, finally able to flourish via the assumption of his ex-lover's identity.
Cat Dex:Inkosi
Director: Linda Palmer
Runtime: 9:58 | USA

When you mess with a girls lion family, you've gone too far!
Director: Gabriele Fabbro
Runtime: 17:41 | USA

"8" is a poolroom romance set inside an isolated saloon in New Mexico. Jack, a selfish and sexist billiard player that hustles for living, struggles to seduce Jessie, a quiet and mysterious 8 ball master.
Director: Oscar Sanz Cabrera
Runtime: 9 | SPAIN

Lucia is a battered woman who makes the decision to end everything. The sudden arrival of her husband aborts her plan. Lucia decides to leave behind her role as victim and move into action.
Director: Myles Yaksich
Runtime: 17:55 | USA

After finding a lost letter, an astronautical engineering student seeks escape from 1960s academia by becoming pen-pals with a mysterious Brit; when they finally meet, he must decide what's more important, reality or fantasy.
Director: Kendell Courtney Klein
Runtime: 27:03 | USA

Set on a single night during the bloodiest days of the Civil War, GINGERBREAD chronicles Abraham Lincoln through the darkest night of his Presidency as he reluctantly agrees to join Mary Todd in a séance to contact their recently departed son.