A Million Times Before
Director: Barrett Edmonds
Runtime: 5:15 | USA

A comedy about falling in love while breaking apart.
Director:Antoine Besse
Runtime: 11:35 | USA

A film which questions the porous border between the real and digital worlds
Happy Together
Director: Dennis Dalmark
Runtime: 8:52 | USA

A relationship closure between Emily and Mark, a couple having been together for years until Emily discovers she is Gay and falls for a woman, Lisa. Mark does not want to believe it is over and that this new discovery of Emily's is a reality.
Kitchen Shadows
Director: Dan Jones
Runtime: 11:26 | USA

One extraordinary morning as two talented female chefs seek the perfect dish their dark secrets come alive.
Morning, Noon, Night; Water, Land and Sky
Director: Mark Street
Runtime: 17:23 | USA

Archival footage of a scuba exploration of a sunken ship gives way to scenes that explore the working rhythms of the current Brooklyn Navy Yard as well as conjuring and imagining ghosts of past technologies and characters

Bathroom Humor
Director: Ken Glaser
Runtime: 10:00 | USA

In the spirit of the Pete Smith Specialties of the 1940s and '50s, Glaserbeam outlines the subtleties, pitfalls, and protocol associated with the 'facilities.'
Director: Cameron Watson
Runtime: 21:27 | USA

'Landings' is the humorous yet haunting story of a young IRS taxman who is sent to a desolate town in the Mojave desert in 1977 to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a legendary time traveler. Once there, he discovers unexplained occurrences while also finding access to his own lonely heart.
The Five Minutes
Director: Shange Zhang
Runtime: 9:06 | USA

A businessman in mourning uses a special telephone booth to have a final talk with his departed wife
No Bad Days
Director: Ivan R Salinas
Runtime: 14:57 | USA

No Bad Days is a workplace drama about Jenny, a Latina who has been offered a promotion at a tech startup with misogynistic office culture. After witnessing a sexist office ritual Jenny must decide whether to listen to her instincts and her wise auntie or to seize the brass ring and accept the job.
Director: Jesse Suchomel
Runtime: 17:52 | USA

A veteran hit man named Leo drives his rusty Chevy through the bleak terrain of Nevada's desert. He is on a mission that was given to him by his mob boss Hunt, a mission that will end in the death of a young girl. After discovering the young girl was part of Hunt’s underage sex trafficking ring, Leo disobeys his orders in an attempt to atone for past sins.